"P.S. Honestly, I want to live completely for God. It’s hard and scary, but totally worth it." - Cassie Bernall wrote in a note to her friend the night before the was killed. 

For those of you who don’t know who Cassie is… Cassie was a victim of the Columbine shooting that took place in 1999 at Columbine High in Colorado. She was in the library when the shooting occured. Nobody knows exactly what she was doing, some say she was under the table, some say she remained seated when the gunmen came in the room. But, the two gunmen, Cassie’s classmates, approached her and asked her, “Do you believe in God?” and she firmly responded, “Yes.” The gunmen asked her, “Why?” But shot her in the head before she could answer.

I look up to Cassie, not because she was a Christian, but because she had spine. She knew what would happen if she said yes and she still did. She knew they were going to kill her and she still said yes. I think everyone should look up to Cassie. She didn’t care if she was going to die, she stood up for something. And though it’s gruesome, that is an honorable way to die. 

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    Actually only Valeen was asked if she believe in God and because she scream “God Help me”. They didn’t asked anybody...
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    Cassie wasn’t asked anything, and she didn’t say anything, Eric just slapped the table, squatted down, said “Peek-a-boo”...
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    where did you get this information? because its not true. at all. Eric said “peekaboo!” to her and shot her. thats it.
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    She literally didn’t have time to say anything :(
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    yeah because you know she totally got shot because she was Christian ugh seriously fucktards.
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    wrong…information..but ok.